The Past Never Returns, and the Future Never Arrives

Visualize a straight horizontal line; it doesn’t matter how long it is in your mind because it is infinite in both directions for my purposes.  Now place a dot anywhere on that line; that is the Present.  Everything to the left is the Past, and everything to the right is the Future.  (Please, no hate mail from southpaws.  Everyone knows that time moves from right to left.)


Time Enough for Everyone

You and I are on that dot.  We’re always on that dot.  Take a look behind you; that’s the past.  We can’t reach back and grab it; it’s gone—forever—it won’t ever come back.  Now turn around and face the future.  Can you see it?  I didn’t think so.  That’s because it’s not there.  And it’s never going to arrive.  As time “races past us”, we remain firmly planted on the Dot of the Present.  The future, therefore, is really just a concept.  It really doesn’t exist at all.  (Unless it exists as a concept.)

This Is Your Life

Now visualize a strip of recording tape … no reels … just one straight strip … reaching backward and forward through space … racing past the recording head of your life.  Since we can’t go back in time, there’s no rewind button on this recorder.  Perhaps for our own good, we don’t know how far this strip of recording tape extends toward the time of our death.  We say we’d like to know, but would we really?  Anyway, there’s no fast forward either.


And that’s it.  Just something to think about …


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