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I am a freelance copy editor.

My idea of fun is to read (and highlight extensively in) my dog-eared copies of the Gregg Reference Manual and the Chicago Manual of Style.

My scrupulous attention to detail is unmatched; I painstakingly scrutinize every element—every particular, all with an unceasing awareness of the writer’s intent.  I correct grammatical errors, incorrect word forms, punctuation and spelling errors, incorrect subject-verb agreement, and I even conduct extensive research in order to determine whether the text contains factual inaccuracies.

My grasp of perfect sentence structure and talent for mot juste—“choosing the exact, appropriate word or expression”—result in syntax that makes even the most complex concepts easily understood.  I work with the writer, offering practical suggestions in order to clarify and improve the content.  My ability to preserve context and my relentless pursuit of perfection always result in error-free copy.  From 300-word blogs to 100,000-word novels, I am able to transform mere words into coherent, complete thoughts every time!

I once made it my sole ambition to cut all of my high school English classes and hang out in boxcars instead, but I became a writer and copy editor because … well … God has a great sense of humor.

And now, because I have been transformed into a creature that even I don’t recognize, I agonize day and night over the rampant incorrect usage of apostrophes in contemporary writing, cringe at the improper use of lay and lie, mourn the death of the adverb, and wish I had a dollar for every misplaced modifier I’ve ever seen.

If you need proofreading or editing of any kind, please contact me at wordcraftercopyediting@gmail.com.


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To serve, honor, and glorify God through work that I am passionate about.  He gave me the talent; I am His instrument.



I do everything within my power to produce flawless work; it’s just the way I am.  And it benefits you.

I am a consumer—and I know how I want to be treated.  The same way you do.  I, too, like to receive flawless work.

So it’s really just common sense that I should do everything possible to see that you are satisfied.

Because even though I am the only copy editor out there, it’s no reason to be mean to you.


What they’ve said about me (just the good stuff):

Working with Eric means there are no worries. He is a detailed and accurate editor, and completely trustworthy with timelines. His work ethic and integrity are top-notch. I have had the pleasure of working with Eric for the last three years. He is a great communicator, always responsive to questions or urgent needs, and always respectful with his suggestions and comments. He will always be my first choice for copy editing and I would emphatically recommend him to anyone in need of a reliable editing service.

—Amy Maerten
Professional Resume Writer and Career Counseling Professional


Special thanks to final proofreader/copy editor, Eric Uhland … A master at his craft, Eric completed a thorough review and imparted thoughtful advice.

—Cindy A. Murphy, author of Grace Heaped Upon Grace, An Authorized Biography of Dr. Bob W. Smith
Murphy included these kind words in her acknowledgements.


Eric is a tremendous blessing to Great Resumes Fast. He is the most dependable, timely, and exceptional editor that I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. He makes my team of writers and my clients look their best every day. I am extremely grateful to have his knowledge and expertise on our side. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of a professional editor.

—Jessica H. Hernandez
President/CEO of Great Resumes Fast | Highly Acclaimed Executive Resume Writer | LinkedIn Profile Writer | Published Resume Expert


Eric is an expert at providing timely, accurate edits for all my resume projects. His skills with the English language—from a writing and editing standpoint—are the best I have ever come across. He is fantastic to work with because he has a real passion for writing and editing.

—I. R.
Resume Writing Expert & LinkedIn Profile Writer | CEO Resume Writer | Personal Branding | Career Services—and one of my regular clients.

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Irma says:

    I just love your work!
    Thanks for making my life easier 🙂
    Resume Secrets Online

  2. Liz says:

    That was such a fun read! I, too, am an editor though do not have your linguistic talent. Agreed that language is fun–I remember first being wow-ed when I was in elementary school that there were only 26 letters in the alphabet. Add in punctuation and there are infinite sentences and phrases and stories that can be told.

    Appreciate your stopping over at food for fun to read about KerryCan. I see you are a fan 🙂

    • I have been a fan for some time now.

      Talk about a great writer … Kerry CAN write! And it was nice of you to send kind words out to her.

      And now, because I love food and cooking, I’ll be visiting you too.


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