Those Pesky Red Lines


Hey, Obama, this one’s for you.

Mideast: Tehran told U.S. diplomats to tell Israel to “await the consequences” for killing one of its generals. This is the radical state that our gangsta-in-chief thinks will abandon nuclear weapons development.  Tehran’s Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian, while speaking to the official Iranian news agency on Tuesday (January 27, 2015), said sarcastically, in a reference to  Obama’s called bluff on chemical weapons in Syria, “the Zionist regime has crossed our red lines.”


Now make sure I look really mature and presidential in this one, okay?

C’mon … why all the fuss?  Just because we have a president with no real interest in the job?  What’s wrong with having a ceaseless appetite for celebrity adulation, endless vacations, and a lifestyle that royalty could only dream of?

I never thought I would live in a country where the so-called “commander”-in-chief would actually degrade the Office of the President by hangin’ with his hoodies and getting in on some selfies.

I’m so glad that he’s planning to (someday) “degrade” those ruthless Muslim animals in the Islamist State.  They’re going to be so humiliated when this clown gets done “degrading” them.

It’s going to be a very long two years.



Term Limits

If global warming weren’t a ridiculous hoax, then they wouldn’t have had to change the term to “climate change”.

Now would they?  Hmmm?

What Is Beauty?

Beauty waits until the patience and depth of a gaze are refined enough to engage and discover it. In this sense, beauty is not a quality externally present in something. It emerges at that threshold where reverence of mind engages the subtle presence of the other person, place, or object.

~ John O’ Donohue

Maksymilianna — Not just a beautiful child—but a beautiful name as well.



What we call Nature’s beauty is simply a result of God using our (His) Earth as an artist’s palette.


The Flagship Niagara. An object. But a complex object—built by man—but created by God through the talent that He gave them. And certainly a beautiful thing to look upon.





Perhaps God uses people more than any other medium to exhibit absolute, heart-rending beauty—the kind that causes the breath to catch, the heart to skip a beat, and the eyes to tear.

Our souls long to absorb pure beauty so that it becomes a part of us; we ache because we cannot become a part of it.   We reach out for it with our minds, our souls … and we wonder—in frustration—why we cannot hold it.  Instead, we are allowed to glimpse upon only a portion; the rest will not come to us until we are with God in heaven.

For we must be pure in order to comprehend, absorb, fully appreciate, and become a part of something that is pure.

~ Eric Uhland


From the book by Elisabeth Toll, SYSTRAR – Four Sisters the Last Day of March. When God creates beauty like this, we yearn in our souls for something more—though we don’t even know what it is.

Music—any kind of music that touches a person’s soul—can make the heart ache and the tears well up.






Jitterbug Boy

So you ask me what I’m doin’ here …

Holdin’ up the lamppost,

Flippin’ this quarter, tryin’ ta make up my mind …

If it’s heads I go to Tennessee, tails I buy a drink,

If it lands on the edge I keep talkin’ … to … you …

—Tom Waits, from Jitterbug Boy