They Just Want Noise

The truth is, most of them [the presumptuous kids in your class] just want you to speak because your silence intimidates them.  They don’t want to hear your ideas and your perspectives (or anyone else’s, besides their own), they just want noise.  They want noise because we live in a culture that’s afraid of what will happen if everyone shuts up long enough [for someone] to formulate an original thought or two.

When you need or want to communicate something, you communicate it—and effectively, I might add.  Someone calling you “quiet” for only speaking when you have something to say is like them calling you “anorexic” for only eating when you’re hungry.  This country is full of enough blathering loudmouths who drone on and on with pointless banalities nobody cares to hear.  Just because you’re purposeful with your speech doesn’t mean you’re “weird.”  Let them wrestle each other in puddles of their own verbal vomit.  You don’t want any part of that, and why would you?

Let them call you quiet.  Pretty soon, you’ll be climbing mountains and they’ll still be down at the base, talking about the weather.

—From a response to a tenth-grade girl on The Matt Walsh Blog, March 24, 2014


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